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Drag & Drop your files here…

Drag & Drop yourfiles here…
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    How does it work

    • Drag 'n Cut
      Drag 'n Cut

      Drag and drop your DXF files…

    • Contour Engine
      Contour Engine

      We will analyze and verify your plans. Any minor errors are corrected, and those that require your intervention are marked in the editor so that you may filter, choose and correct your work.

    • Steel Drive
      Steel Drive

      Your projects are saved securely on our servers so that you may be able to retrieve them for reproduction at a later moment.

    • Dynamic Warehouse
      Our stock is checked in real time to ensure the availability of the selected metal.

      Our stock is checked in real time to ensure the availability of the selected metal.

    • Dynamic Pricing
      Dynamic Pricing

      Your drawings are instantly calculated and the prices are updated in real time after each edit.

    • Express Shipping
      Express Shipping

      All orders completed before 4PM are ready for delivery the next day by noon. Your order should arrive at its destination in no more than two days.

    Your drawings are cut and shipped in just a few clicks

    Fast, simple and precise: John Steel Pro is THE solution for cutting the metal parts of your dreams. Our "Drag 'n Cut" process is as simple to use as a printer, and as powerful as a laser.
    Drag your files onto the website and our Contour Engine analyses and calculates the cost in real time.
    If your files contains any minor errors, we will correct them automatically, and if your drawing needs to be cleaned, you can filter, crop or edit it to get it just right.


    "Very impressive"

    "Very impressive"

    " Getting a quote in real time has allowed us to accelerate our design process virtually eliminating the time spent on emails back and forth with our former metal fabricating shop. The speed of fabrication and shipping are really impressive."

    Joseph P, Technical designer

    "Always a pleasure"

    "Always a pleasure"

    " It's my 5th order and still so delighted with the result! Thanks for your responsiveness in answering my questions and for the quickness at which my orders are delivered. See you again very soon!"

    Christophe Kuhn, DIYer

    "THE solution for the fabrication of a unique part"

    "THE solution for the fabrication of a unique part"

    " Congrats for this remarkable tool and for responding to the demand of designers looking for a fabrication solution for unique parts… Creating a prototype has become so simple :)"

    Marc Ferner, Independent Designer

    "Delivery in just 2 days… that changes everything"

    "Delivery in just 2 days… that changes everything"

    " Ordering different part and getting it shipped on site in just 3 clics… Terrific! Bravo, John!"

    Fabrice Keller, Kitchen designer

    "It saves precious time"

    "It saves precious time"

    " The instant quote and online editor have allowed me to save precious time, and therefore help my clients save money. I recommend this service, it's my preferred metal fabrication shop!"

    Isabelle Bruat, Interior Designer

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