If there is one metal that needs to introduction, it's steel. Much appreciated by all DIY-ers, steel is also very resistant. Extremely cold temperatures, heavy loads and rust won't compromise its solidity. Easy to weld, our steel will bring your ideas to life! Whether its raw steel, galvanised or tread plates, steel has become one of the most preferred metals for decorators. 

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  • Blasted and greased steel This is THE metal for the professional do-it-yourselfer: he who knows how to weld, who's got the right equipment and who masters the technique! Depending on its thickness, this materal can resist abrasion and withstand the impact and weight of heavy machinery. It is used for it's solidity (it can withstand the pull test of 35 kg...

  • Galvanised steel This steel is coated with a layer of protective zinc. Much like the aluminium, it won't rust, yet it has the benefit of being more impact-resistant.  Over time, it will tarnish, and become less reflecting.

  • Raw steel tread plate The texture of the plate's ensures an anti-slip surface, whether it be in a dry, humid or slippery environment. It's used for it's tread, solidity and weight: 48 kg/m2. It can withstand the weight of heavy machinery and is shock and abrasion-resistant

  • Raw corten rolling steel plate Material highly valued by artists, sculptors or architects, corten steel is a self-patinaed steel with superficial corrosion. The addition of certain alloys such as Cu, Cr, Ni, Mo forms a self-protective layer of oxides on the original metal under the influence of atmospheric conditions.