Raw corten

Raw corten rolling steel plate

Material highly valued by artists, sculptors or architects, corten steel is a self-patinaed steel with superficial corrosion. The addition of certain alloys such as Cu, Cr, Ni, Mo forms a self-protective layer of oxides on the original metal under the influence of atmospheric conditions.

Corten steel is highly sought after for its aesthetic qualities and its strong resistance. Real contemporary material, it is used a lot in design or urban furniture.

At the time of purchase, the condition of the corten is crude rolling (slightly rusty appearance), so plan a period of oxidation beforehand. For indoor use, it is ideally necessary that the oxidation has matured before installation. It is possible to apply a varnish or wax (the substrate must be perfectly dry and clean).

The process of oxidation by sandblasting (descaling the material), then exposing it to alternations of wet periods (watering) and drying as frequently as possible.

Possible work with the corten:

  • shearing
  • fold
  • punching
  • Screwed assemblies (stainless steel screws)
  • Mig welding (specific electrodes and wire Corten)

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